Alastair Darling

Any time any place any where, Darling!

Well, it looks like the organ grinder’s monkey does not want to talk after all. Alastair Darling has pulled out of the debate with Alex Salmond that he agreed to just two days previously. Apparently he does not want the First Minister to dictate the date of its broadcast.

“Better Together” spokesman, 27 September 2013:
“David Cameron does not have a vote in this referendum. Alistair Darling does. He is ready to debate Alex Salmond any time and any place.”

Letter from Danny Alexander MP to Alex Salmond, 30 Jan 2014:
“Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign, has said he is willing to debate with you, as leader of the pro-independence campaign, anytime, anywhere.”

Darling demands a debate, agrees to a debate, then pulls out of a debate, and then blames the TV company for his decision to pull out.

This is the face of Alastair Darling: a whining, blathering, pathetic little backslider with as much moral credibility as a hyena on crystal meth.

The prize is a better country for the people of Scotland. And that’s only 84 days away.

Photograph courtesy of Agencia Brasil via Wikipedia.