Border Posts

Papers, Please

“I think it’s certainly the case that we would have to look at the issue of a border if you have different immigration policies.”

It totally stands to reason. If you have markedly different immigration policies, obviously that becomes an issue between Scotland and the rest of the UK.
– Ed Miliband, leader, Labour Party.

Ed has clearly not heard of the Common Travel Area with the rest of the UK, Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

But the dog-whistle rhetoric of anti-immigration politics naturally makes the headlines: Razor wire and patrol dogs are necessary to stop the flood of economic immigrants who will pour into Scotland post-independence from reaching their true destination: the Nirvana of little England.

The fact is, Scotland knows that, like the rest of the UK, it needs immigration to grow its economy. Its needs skills and revenue from immigrants. Scotland wants practical policies such as reintroducing a post-study work visa, scrapped in the UK. And Scotland wants to jettison the aggressive language of the mainstream Westminster parties, who instead of standing up to the likes of UKIP, have decided to pander to them, and in this independence referendum now to copy their tactics of engendering fear of immigration. Scotland talks about wanting the culture and innovation and energy of immigrants.

It again highlights the fact that Scotland is a very different country from the rest of the UK, with different political and practical attitudes. And that the parties of Westminster, routinely flying in their out of touch leaders for a day to deliver hackneyed warnings of doom and horror, simply don’t understand how people think here.

The prize is a better country for the people of Scotland. And that’s only 81 days away.