Angry now

I’ve sort of lost my patience. I’m angry.

  • I’m angry about people feeling the need to appeal on television for donations to food banks.
  • I’m angry about Westminster voting to spend £130,000,000,000 on nuclear weapons for which the US holds the trigger, operating from a nuclear base which has recorded hundreds of accidents, and is just 40 miles from Scotland’s most populous city.
  • I’m angry about disabled people being told they are not entitled to benefits and terminally ill cancer sufferers being “sanctioned”.
  • I’m angry about a Tory MP who inherited a property business earning hundreds of thousands of pounds from housing benefit and hiking rents.
  • I’m angry about all public land being opened up for privatisation.
  • I’m angry about MPs voting themselves a 11% pay rise. Plus expenses.
  • I’m angry about the privatisation of the NHS and after resources for screening cancer are cut, hearing the accusation that GPs are responsible for failures to detect cancer.
  • I’m angry about spending billions of pounds (no accurate estimate exists) on HS2 when it will not benefit anyone north of Leeds.
  • I’m angry about spending £5,000,000,000 (no accurate estimate exists) refurbishing Westminster.
  • I’m angry about immigrants being ostracised and demonised rather than welcomed and supported.
  • I’m angry about lies and fabrications being passed off as ‘fact’ in government-funded literature coming through my letterbox.
  • I’m angry about the vile coalition of racists, bigots, tories, labour, lib-dems and other vested interests who cheat lie and bully to preserve a broken status quo.
  • I’m angry about the faint-hearted and tired apolitical people who have been beaten down by constant propaganda in the mainstream media who believe that Scotland can’t run its own affairs.

I’m only calm when I remember that I can vote to change all of this on September 18th.

The prize is a better country for the people of Scotland. And that’s only 77 days away.