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Silent majority

Mr Cameron has flown in again in another of his ‘seagull’ strikes: Fly in, make a lot of noise, crap all over everything, then fly off again.

This time he’s telling us (without giving any evidence) that the Scottish government are threatening and bullying businesses into remaining silent about independence. He says there is a silent majority which he encourages to speak up.

Silent majority is a magnificent piece of bullshit. You can make a silent majority represent any point of view – because, of course, they are silent. They are never able to argue with your statement of their views. And you plant a seed of doubt that asks ‘Oh Gosh – perhaps everyone thinks this way?’. When you have no argument, you can always fall back on the silent majority. Utter bullshit.

  • A silent majority in Scotland wanted to vote Tory at the last election.
  • A silent majority want to pay £130bn for nuclear weapons.
  • A silent majority think privatising the NHS is a good thing.
  • A silent majority think there are too many immigrants.
  • A silent majority think everyone on benefits is a lying scrounger.
  • A silent majority think we should lock up terror suspects without trial.


  • A silent majority think Scotland is best managed by the people of Scotland.
  • A silent majority think nuclear weapons sited within 40 miles of a major city are an irrelevant obscenity.
  • A silent majority think society should protect the ill and infirm, and are happy to pay to ensure that protection for all.
  • A silent majority know that immigration is necessary in any successful economy, and welcome and celebrate diversity.
  • A silent majority think that forcing terminally ill people to attend ‘assessment’ interviews to check their eligibility for benefits is wrong.
  • A silent majority think that the law exists to protect everyone, and the state should never be able to imprison anyone without due process.

The prize is a better country for the people of Scotland. And that’s only 76 days away.