We zip up the back

Time for a little parliamentary roundup:

  • As a mighty total of 51 members of the Westminster parliament opposed an “emergency” Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill, that, contrary to European law, forces telephone and internet companies to retain data on your use of their services for years, we are also informed that the Royal Family is hereby granted complete secrecy. About everything they do, or may have done in the past. It’s a closed book. The DRIP bill has had no parliamentary scrutiny or prior public debate. It’s just landed and been passed into law. Every SNP MP opposed the bill.

Any questions? No? Done. And the Royal family are now completely above the law. Move on, plebs

  • There was also a cabinet reshuffle at the same time to divert our attention away from the DRIP Bill, and this also helped to divert media attention from the fact that a Department of Work & Pensions report acknowledged that the Bedroom Tax had been a failure. The Minister for Work and Pensions was not reshuffled. But the new Treasury Minister is on record as saying a No vote will be a “great opportunity” to slash spending in Scotland, which she believes is somehow subsidised by the UK. She points to devolved issues like Health and Education where we have the audacity to offer free prescriptions and no university tuition fees and identifies these as subsidies England does not enjoy. And Philip Hammond is the first foreign secretary who’s openly – on record – as being in favour of quitting the EU.

Bleed Scotland dry, stop them spending their pocket money so they’re as mean as the rest of us, and let’s get out of Europe!

We have to imagine an alternative to this future.

Luckily, this September only, we in Scotland have a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Let’s take it.

The prize is a better country for the people of Scotland. And that’s only 63 days away.