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Fear, uncertainty and doubt!

These have long been the politician’s favourite tools: Fear, uncertainty and doubt.

“FUD” is also used in advertising and marketing to frighten consumers away from considering alternate products or services. It addresses the irrational subconscious mind, so facts are rarely needed – just some doubt and uncertainty to produce fear.

And in this referendum campaign, its the default position of the No campaign.

  • What currency will we use?
  • Will your savings be safe?
  • How will pensions be paid?
  • What will happen when the oil runs out next year?
  • How will you stop terrorists flooding into our country?
  • Will we need border posts?
  • How will we stop businesses leaving the country?
  • Will we all have to learn Gaelic?
  • Will the sky fall in?
  • Will aliens invade us?
  • Oooh mummy, I’m so afraid…

It’s all shit.

The only fear you should have is that people will be frightened into voting to remain in the Union. Remain in a union where paying billions for nuclear weapons, cutting benefits to the disabled, privatising the NHS, and paying billions for a railway that does not reach Scotland and a sewer to drain away London’s shit are just some of what we can look forward to. And it is quite likely that the Tories could form a coalition with UKIP after the 2015 election, and then have a vote to remove the UK from the EU.

I don’t fear that this will happen, I simply expect that it will. And it will ruin this country’s economy even further.

And so that’s why I am going to vote Yes for Independence.

Scotland can do things better for itself. It has the people, the resources, the skills and the courage – and on the 18th of September, it has the opportunity. Take that opportunity. Be Scotland the Brave.

The prize is a better country for the people of Scotland. And that’s only 23 days away.