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‘Scotsman’ article on Lamont’s journey to Govan gets lost. But we found it.

This evening, I was mistaken (as sometimes happens) for The Scotsman, em, newspaper, on Twitter.

I’m @scotsman, they are @TheScotsman. I got to Twitter in February 2008 to claim the name. They only rolled up in November. As I was born in Scotland, there are no copyright or trademark issues. Yet.

I digress.

The question was asked of me by @Indynista:

“@scotsman Who got you to pull your article on Lamentable Lamont being ignored by all bar 3 voters in Govan? #Indyref #VoteYes

And I thought – ach, wrong account. They want @TheScotsman. Just tweet that they want @TheScotsman, not me.

But then I thought – wait a moment! I read that article earlier – someone mentioned it on Twitter.

I thought it was oddly candid and honest for The Scotsman, and contained a lovely faux pas from Lamont about getting the same treatment from Labour supporters (closed doors). How odd – has it disappeared?

I took a look. It has indeed disappeared.

There is only an error message at How odd.

However, nothing really ever disappears in the digital world.

The text retrieved from this URL (Google Archive Tool) is as follows:

SCOTTISH Labour leader Johann Lamont got the wrong No vote today when she took to the SNP heartland — and was met with closed doors.

The MSP for Glasgow Pollok made a ‘behind enemy lines’ visit to Govan, in deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon’s Govan constituency, to argue the pro-Union case with voters.

But despite an army of Labour supporters knocking doors, only three residents engaged in conversation with her – while several even came outside to return the leaflets pushed through their letter boxes.

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The weak response from SNP voters got worse when a pensioner refused to even discuss with Lamont how she would be voting on the 18th.

But Lamont later insisted it had been a successful exercise and not a waste of her time.

She said: “I’m very positive about the response that we got. It’s reflected the response that we’ve got across the country in Labour areas.

“Labour people are committing to vote No whilst the SNP’s supporters are committing to vote No as well, because they recognise they can get the benefits of devolution.”

But she claimed she did not see the local residents only come outside to give back the Labour leaflets.

She said: “Well I didn’t see that.

“Everywhere you go you’re going to have some people who are not going to be happy to see you, but right across the country I’m getting a very warm response on the doors because people know that for us this is not about what our party is saying, it’s what’s in the best interest of the people of Scotland.”

The Scottish Labour leader also said she was not concerned about an increasing number of women Labour voters apparently moving towards independence.

She said: “It’s not what I’m finding on the doors. I think particularly women are recognising that actually you wouldn’t put your family’s future at risk.

“They’d be expected to deal with a £6 billion black hole from day one and we know that’s a real problem and women recognise that.”

This episode is also referenced at and an archive copy is at courtesy of @dbbaye

I make no further comment, other than this:

The prize is a better country for the people of Scotland. And that’s only 12 days away.


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