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Quite ugly again

I don’t know if you spotted it, but David Cameron, Ed Miliband Ed and Nick Clegg all came to Scotland for the day yesterday. Not on the same transport, naturally, and not to the same place. Drip-feeding the media was the name of the game. Fuck the carbon footprint. Dave was in Edinburgh, Ed was in Cumbernauld and Nick went to Selkirk.

They didn’t really say anything new, or promise anything else. Nobody got to ask any questions. Audiences were invited. The usual Westminster version of ‘meet the real voters’ stuff.

And they did repeat the usual stuff.

Here are some, ah, highlights:

“I would be heartbroken if this family of nations that we’ve put together – and we’ve done such amazing things together – if this family of nations was torn apart.

“Because it’s a ballot, I think people can feel it’s a bit like a general election, that you make a decision and, five years later, you can make another decision, if you’re fed up with the effing Tories, give them a kick and maybe we’ll think again.

“This is totally different to a general election. This is a decision about not the next five years, it’s a decision about the next century.” – Dave

“I want to make the case to you from the head, which is that we are stronger staying together because we can better create a more equal, a more just, society.

“I want to make the case to you from the heart, because of the ties that bind us together and which would be broken apart by separatism.

“And I want to make the case to you from the soul, because it was in halls like this that our movement was formed on the basis of solidarity – solidarity that has built, not just our movement’s greatest moments, but our country’s greatest institutions, like our national health service.” – Ed

“The family of nations that makes up the United Kingdom has done remarkable things over a long period of time.

“We’ve beaten fascism in Europe, we’ve created the NHS, we’ve created the BBC, Team GB did do well at the London Olympics – let’s keep doing the things that we do so well together but, as the same time, enter into an exciting new chapter of devolving new powers to Scotland as well.” – Nick

Yes, indeed. That should save the union. And don’t forget there are Saltires flying over England right now.

The prize is a better country for the people of Scotland. And that’s only 6 days away.