Dirty tricks, lies, smears, collusion and corruption. Versus You.

Scotland’s Independence campaign has had (and will have) the full onslaught of the UK establishment ranged against it.

Westminster. Tories. Labour. Lib Dems. Bankers. Big business. BBC. Treasury. Military. Newspapers. Radio. Even UKIP & Orange Order. And a few foreign leaders just for good measure. They all want you to say No.

And yet even the ‘official polls’ say: it’s still neck and neck. 51% vs 49%.

  • There are 4,285,323 registered voters for the Scottish Independce referendum next Thurday. This is an unprecedented 97% of the adult population of Scotland voting for something that really does matter.

That’s four million, two hundred and eighty five thousand, three hundred and twenty two people. Plus you voting.

You. You and the people of Scotland, who should run Scotland. The people of Scotland are sovereign.

  • Scotland can, should and must choose independence.

This act is not just for you and your family, not merely an act for the liberty and democracy of Scotland, but an act which will be a beacon of hope for others across the world who are disenfranchised, dispossessed, in poverty, unwell, victimised homeless, refugees, oppressed, unemployed, cast out or wronged. Les Misérables.

The world is watching Scotland. Scotland is brave. The world is watching you. You are brave.

We can do better than what has passed for being a country up until now. You can do better too.

May your choice be driven by your hopes, and not your fears.

The prize is a better country for the people of Scotland. And that’s only 5 days away.