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Better together scare template

Please use this template as an aid to the swift drafting of press releases.

A list of friendly contacts and imported lists from our sources can be found on our intranet.

Please take care when mailing to use the list of approved proxy email servers.

1. Headlines

  • Blow for Salmond as…
  • Blow for SNP as…
  • Blow for separatists as…
  • … threatens …  as poll shows No ahead.
  • … say prices will rise after Yes vote.
  • Threat to … of Yes vote.
  • Threat of … after Yes vote.
  • … backs pro-Union campaign.
  • … warns of … under independence.
  • … warns of … with Yes vote.
  • Threat of …
  • … deny…
  • … bank report shows risk of ….


When no suitable quote is available from our list of approved prominent individuals and businesses, please use the following formulas.

  1. An insider within … said that “quote
  2. A confidential source within … stated “quote
  3. An person with knowledge of the situation said “quote
  4. A person who wished to remain anonymous said “quote
  5. An employee who did not wish to be identified told us “quote
  6. An anonymous insider informed us “”quote

IMPORTANT: Where you need to make quotes up, be sure to add some credible colloquial terms. Occasional mis-spelling also adds to credibility. (See Section 9. below).

3. Attribution

Please ensure all quotes are attributed correctly.

Where this is not possible, or when selective editing is required to out our case compellingly, ensure that correct use of ellipsis and surrounding unrelated statements are unable to be refuted. Use of the passive voice is encouraged.

4. Divorce and separation

Please refer to the separate document on our intranet. In general, allusions to a family of nations, families splitting up, wanting to retain the joint bank account, taking the CD collection, are all fine, but you must avoid any reference to abuse of children or spouses, or generally hint at any financial obligations legally required in real divorces.

The following words have now been updated the ‘Nationalist’ thesaurus references.

  1. Nationalist(s) are now Separatist(s). Unless referring to SNP, when both terms should be used.
  2. Separation.
  3. Tearing apart (or ripping apart) families.
  4. Secession. (Do not use secessionist or secessionism, as it is too difficult for those not genetically programmed to…

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