Now’s the day, and now’s the hour

The headline is of course from Robert Burns’ famous poem, Scots Wha Hae. The poem pays tribute to the brave Scots who, massively outnumbered, won freedom for their country on the gory battlefield at Bannockburn, 700 years ago.

But those days are gone now. In a few hours, on the 18th of September 2014, we merely have to mark a cross on a piece of paper to win freedom, and Scotland has the ability to decide its own future.

We don’t have to bleed to be a nation again. We have to vote.

The arguments that we are better remaining as a region of the UK are the twisted deceit of those bought and sold for English gold. A parcel of rogues from every party, even those that once stood for liberty and dignity. We have been bullied, lied to and threatened time and again by those who claim they wish to embrace us as beloved brothers and sisters. The UK Government has conspired with over thirty other nations to undermine and interfere in our self determination. They are cynically ready to lie, cheat and conspire to continue to benefit from the vast wealth and resources in Scotland. In desperation as polls showed defeat for them, Westminster offered more crumbs from their table should we choose to remain under their thumb. We can collect all their tax for them, for example. This Union has brought us to a state where foodbanks, fuel poverty, the poll tax, the bedroom tax and the obscenity of massive child poverty are our reality. The awful irony is that all this is true in a country that has produced more oil in the last 30 years than Dubai and Abu Dhabi combined.

The alternative is a vision of country that rejects the madness of weapons of mass destruction, and wants to spend its money on bairns not bombs. A country where the weak and vulnerable are cared for, and strangers are welcomed, not demonised. A country with a proud history of free access to education, a country where the common weal is more valued than venal competition. This country is known, instantly, the world over by its iconic symbols. See a kilt, sip a dram of whisky, or hear the skirl of the bagpipes, and you recognise this country. Our future, as for any nation, will not be a utopia. Nobody can predict the future with any real certainty. But with the massive energy resources, both carbon and renewable, that we are so lucky to have, and the highly educated, inventive and hard working people that live here, we are in a stronger position than almost any other country in the world. We have a system of law and education that is strong and proven. We are rich in every resource: we are capable, we are clever and we are canny. We are Scots.

Tomorrow, the world is watching Scotland.

Tomorrow, you will write the headlines all over the world.

Tomorrow, you will make history.

Who would fill a coward’s grave?

Vote for your independence.