DavidThis is a personal blog by David Petherick.

I am writing it for the 100 days running up to Scotland’s independence referendum on 18th September 2014. I discuss why an Independent Scotland will be a better country.

There will be at most two entries per day here.

  1. The first at 1pm daily is about recent issues, sometimes at length.
  2. The second is a short quote or excerpt – most often, this is simply a tweet.

I announce all blogs on my @scotsman Twitter account. Don’t confuse that with a once respected daily newspaper.

I was born in Edinburgh, support Scottish Independence, and am a member of the Scottish National Party. I live in Edinburgh with my wife and child, and work in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I am 50, speak fair Russian and Spanish, and have a face made for Radio.

The prize is a better country.


If you want to contact me or know more about me, do so at www.petherick.org

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